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Up your professional Showgirl status with a class specifically on how to book shows (get booked for shows), how to write and send out contracts, methods for aquiring and maintaining work relashionships, and set up solid practices as a foundation to perfom as a burlesque performer anywhere in the world.


Class is roughly an hour long which may go longer based on personalization and any questions asked.

Showgirl Around The World Class - Contracts and Booking (IN PERSON - VEGAS)

  • Refunds are good up to 48 hours in advance, after that no refunds will be given.  Rescheduling can be done at no extra cost, just reach out to

  • Bring a pen and notebook to be able to ake down any notes not handed to you on your info sheet.  This class can be as personal as you want so make sure you come with questions.

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