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$150 PER HOUR - Please make sure the number of this item you add to your cart is how many hours you'd like your class to be, you'll be charged for total number of hours after checkout.


One on one intensive to aid performers in conceptualizing, developing and executing an act.  This class will go through music, choreo and costume.  More information based knowledge mixed with hands on direction.


This class is for beginners only, offering those who have less experience a solid class designed to start their act development process.

Act Development - BEGINNER CLASS (In Person @ Las Vegas)

  • Come prepared to move around (but comfortable) and any ideas you may have on act you would like to see come to reality.  As this is a beginner class, if you have no ideas, that's ok we'll get you started!

  • Refunds are good up to 48 hours in advance, after that no refunds will be given.  Rescheduling can be done at no extra cost, just reach out to

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